Depending On Him


Let’s look at the scriptures today that I shared.  The phrases that stood out to me is depend on Him and search for Him.  To depend on means to trust or rely in.  

Do I trust the Father right now with all the scary things going on this this pandemic?  Am I solely relying in Him for everything that I need?  He is our provider and protector in all that we face each day with this very serious virus.  Let us run to him for all that we need today knowing that he already knows each one of our needs but He desires that we step into His beautiful presence.  

Let us also search for Him too! Psalm 105:4 says “Search for the Lord and his strength, continually seek Him!” The dictionary defines search as to explore or examine in order to discover!  Let us discover new things about the Lord as we search the scriptures.  Let it be like digging for hidden treasure. 💎

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