Great Shepherd

Jesus is the Great Shepherd of the sheep 🐑.  I love this photo of Jesus holding a lamb.  It reminds me of how intimate and personal He is with each of us.

This makes me think of our dog Daisy.  I tend to hold her a lot.  Whether it’s just to pick her up to let her know I love her or to comfort her in a storm.  Jesus does the same for us.  He holds each of us close too his heart through the chaos we face and the times of great joy.  He nearer to us than we could ever imagine.  

Jesus not only is near but He equips us.  I needed to hear that truth today!  He equips us for everything good for doing His will.  What do you need to be equipped for today or in the weeks to come?  Tell Him about it and ask Him to reveal to your heart how he is readying you for what is ahead.  Draw near to Jesus today and see what He can and will do through you. 

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