Context: In this passage of scripture Jesus is speaking to unbelieving people. Though the next verse says after this passage that “many who heard Jesus say these things believed in Him”.  How wonderful is that! 

My thoughts: The 1st thing that stands out to me in vs 28 is the phrase I AM.  We see this the 1st time in scripture when God says to Moses, I AM who I say I AM in Exodus 3:14. I AM is the Hebrew word for Yahweh.  He is the self existent one.  This is one of the clearest references to Christ’s  deity!   

Jesus goes on to say He does nothing on his own but teaches what His Father taught.  Even though He claimed deity, in his humanity he modeled dependence and obedience to the Father.   He desired to reflect God in all He said and did. Lastly He says, “I always do what pleases God.”  Is my end goal to please the Father? I confess this isn’t always on the forefront of my mind, but I desire for it to be.  Let us choose to submit ourselves to God and choose to do what please Him.

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