Record of Sin

The phrase “record of our sins” stood out to me this morning.  As a child and young adult I always thought God has a big chalk board with all of the bad things I had ever done on one side and the good things on the other. This lie that I believed would sometimes cause me to go to bed crying over my many sins.  After accepting Christ, it was so freeing when I learned that as far as from the east is from the west, so has God removed my sins. Psalm 103:11  

The resurrection day we just celebrated has everything to do with the forgiveness of our sins.  Jesus came to set us free from the power of sin and death!  “When Jesus died, he died died once to break the power of sin!” Roman 6:10  In verse 11 it goes onto say we are now dead to sin and ALIVE to God!  Then why do we still live with our sinful nature?  

We are living in a fallen world where sin is prevalent.  We have a choice everyday if we will give in to our sinful desires.  For me I realize I can sin without even thinking about it.  Sin can easily pop out my mouth with a painful word or a thoughtless action.  I realize it’s only the power of the cross that can truly change me.  It’s choosing to believe I am dead to sin and alive to God.  What have you learned over the years or even today about sin? Share it with someone else and encourage them that Jesus not only conquered the grave but sin too!

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