Remain In Me

Jesus is the True Vine! John 15:1  This is one of my favorite “I am” passages in the Bible because it gives us a picture of this beautiful relationship we can have with our beloved Jesus.

Remain in Me. Jesus says this 5x to his disciples. What does that me?  It means to abide, dwell, to live.  Do we make our dwelling place near to Him?  Do we abide connected to Him?  Do we continue to stay near to Jesus’s side what ever happens to us.  Do we keep up a relationship with Him.  

Bear much Fruit.  Our connection to Jesus is key to us bearing much fruit.  Jesus is our life line!  Life flowing from Him to us is what produces fruit.  It goes on to say that when we produce much fruit we are His true disciples. vs 8.  Oh how we desire to bear much fruit for Jesus!

Apart from Me.  When we do things apart from Christ it says we can do nothing.  I believe that is nothing of eternal value.  He desires to produce eternal lasting fruits in us.  This only comes by dependance on Him.  He does the fruit bearing in us as we stay closely connected to Him. 

Let us choose to stay closely connected to Jesus and look with eager expectation of what He can and will do through us.  He is our true vine and we are the branches.

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