Running The Race

I am not a runner, but I love the analogy of a race.  I am more of a fast walker.  I walk with my dog Daisy about 2 miles daily.  Sometimes along the way we face larger dogs that scare Daisy.  Other times it’s branches that have gotten blown in a storm.  

Twice in these passages we are reflecting on Paul the apostle says “I press on”.  What does pressing on look like for you and I?  What things are there that could be obstacles in your way?  What things hinder you or keep you from running the race with Christ?  

What is he pressing on to do?  1. “To take hold of that which Jesus Christ took hold of me.”  First Paul decided that his goal would be Christ’s goal.  2. “To press on toward the goal to win the prize.”  In the Greek races a winner would receive a wreath or a financial award for winning.  A believer receives an eternal reward of being with Jesus forever.  

As you look at the example of Paul, how would you rate the race you are running 🏃‍♀️?  Are you on track running faithfully or have you gotten stuck somewhere along the way? If you are stuck, what can you do to get back up and running the race that Christ has called you to?  Let’s run the race vigilantly with view of our Savior as the prize! 

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