Shine Like The Stars

I’m going to start out a few verses before the ones above to set the stage. Paul is exhorting the Philippians to work out their salvation with fear and trembling in Philip 2:12. I think this is so very important to be working on our faith in a serious manner. To be pursuing God, His Word, and fellowship with other believers who can sharpen our walk.

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Have you ever been around an argumentative person? One that always seems to be unhappy with life and the way things are going. One that wants to fight you at every corner. We are called as believers to act in a becoming way. “We are to seek peace and pursue it.” (1 Peter 3:11). One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is also peace. So as we walk in the Spirit, peace should emanate from our lives.

“So you will become blameless and pure.” To be blameless is to be without fault, without spot, guiltless. Pure in the Greek is to be innocent, without any mixture of deceit, reputable, and honorable. These are things we should all seek after and strive for.

“Shine like the stars in the sky.” I always told my mom when I was little girl that I wanted to be a star. I wanted to be in the lime light shining in the area of dance for the world to see. Now as a believer, I am to shine out my faith as bright as the stars we see in the night’s sky. Isn’t that incredible to think about?! When we when seek to “do everything without grumbling or arguing” we actually shine before others and they see something different in us, Christ!

How are you and I seeking to live in unity and peace with others? What relationships need to be altered or changed as a result? It seems like a tall order. But God can and will enable us to to do what we consider to be impossible for the glory of His great name and kingdom. Let’s shine like the stars in the night’s sky!

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