In The Morning

The Lord reminded me this early morning that I once wanted to do a bible study on the “in the morning” verses and see what I could find out about the Lord in each one. Did you know that the phrase “in the morning” is found in the bible 76 times? Here are some ways that it is used in the Old and New Testament.

God called Moses to Mt Sinai to stand before Him in the morning. Ex. 34:2

Pharoah was confronted in the morning by Moses. Ex. 7:15,8:20

Ruth was redeemed in the morning by Boaz. Ruth 3:13

God hears our requests in the morning. Ps. 5:3

The word of the Lord came to Ezekiel in the morning. Ez. 12:8

Jesus prays early in the morning. Mark 11:20

Jesus teaches in the temple early in the morning. Luke 21:30

Jesus stands before Pilate in the very early morning. Mark 15:1&2

The women brought spices to the tomb of Jesus in the early morning. Luke 24:1

Early in the morning Jesus stood on the shore and calls the disciples to throw their nets on the right side. John 21:4

What things does the Lord do in the morning in own your life? God tends to speak to my heart in the morning as I’m studying the word and praying. The morning is a crucial time that God lead his leaders to act. Just look at the example of Moses. He was called by God to confront Pharoah in the morning. Probably before he did anything else, he obeyed the Lord and went to Pharoah and spoke the words God gave him. We see in Exodus 34:2 that God called him to Mt Sinai to present himself to God. God had a special thing he wanted him to do. This was to chisel the 10 commandments in stone. Our best hours are usually at the beginning of the day.

Then we see Jesus using his first hours in prayer and teaching the word in the temple. He modeled a life of obedience to the Father and wanted to share what God revealed to His heart. He also used the morning to speak into the disciple’s lives when they had been fishing. He had them cast their nets on the right side. They listened and caught more fish than they could carry.

How are you listening to the Lord’s leading in your life? Do you take time to listen to Him in the morning hours? If not, how could you begin to spend time in His wonderful presence. Just as God lead Moses to do certain things, God wants to lead us also.

May you be satisfied IN THE MORNING with God’s unfailing love, that you may sing for joy and be glad all your days! Ps 90:14

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