The Lord’s Prayer

As a little girl, I have very fond memories of my mother teaching me the Lord’s prayer. It was a very sacred moment between us as we prayed. This taught me how to go to God in prayer and and take my concerns to Him. This practice followed me to adulthood, though it wasn’t till I was 19 that I made a decision to truly follow after Christ.

Let’s delve in today and look at the first portion of this very vital prayer that Jesus taught His disciples. The one thing I noticed right away is the word hallowed. This is a word we don’t really use in our modern language. It means to be honored and holy. God’s name is to be lifted up and glorified because He is set apart and holy! There are so many names for God in the bible that help us identify with his wonderful character. He is our …

Elohim – Our Creator

El Shaddai – My Supplier

Jehovah Jireh – My Provider

Jehovah Rophe – My Healer

Jehovah Shalom – My Peace

Jehovah Rohi – My Shepherd

I would encourage you to do a study sometime on the names of God. It will draw you nearer to His heart and help you to know who He is in a greater way.

Lets look at the next phrase in the prayer,”Your kingdom come”. The kingdom has been communicated as “God’s place under God’s rule.” When we pray for God’s kingdom to come we are looking forward with anticipation to the coming of His eternal kingdom and reign. This helps to set our hearts in the proper direction of His kingdom agenda and not our own.

“Your will be done”. Jesus was often concerned about doing the will of the Father. Jesus said to his disciples in John 4:30, “That his nourishment came from doing the will of God who sent Him.” At the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed to the Father, “I want your will to be done, not mine.” (Matt. 26:39) We are to be like Jesus, submitting to the Lord’s will in our lives, and not our own.

Now that we have taken a greater look the beginning of this prayer I pray that it would encourage you to pray the Lord’s prayer on a consistent basis. That it would draw you closer to the heart, passion, and purpose of the Father and His eternal Kingdom that is to come!

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