Alive To Righteousness

Do you see yourself today dead to sin and alive to righteousness?  Dead to negative behaviors and actions that once ruled your life.  Alive to to an uprightness of spirit and carrying now the DNA of right living that our Savior modeled. 

Let’s go back and think on today what we were once like?  What did your life look like before you met Jesus?  What were your daily thoughts and activities?  For me, I thought much about myself.  I was consumed with looking beautiful.  I desperately wanted to find someone who would love me.  So I found myself in a lot of bad dating relationships.  I wanted to be accepted, so I went out and drank with my friends and got inebriated.  My relationship with my mom wasn’t good because I would come home at 3AM.  My life apart from Christ was a mess.

The breaking and turning point of my life happened in the spring of 1990.  In one week I was fired from my job. I got a really expensive speeding ticket and almost lost my license.  To top things off the boy I was dating who I thought was “the one” broke up with me.  As a young adult, I came to the end of myself.  I remember being in the home I grew up putting the pots and pans away.  I began to talk to God.  I told him that I had been living my life for my own desires and pleasures and they left me feeling very empty and alone.  I decided to surrender myself to God that day.  Though I didn’t know fully what that meant.  So I called up my youth pastor and asked him to explain to me how to know God personally.  

Once I became a believer my life radically changed.  You might ask why?  Well, my desires changed.  I found myself going to church regularly and studying the Bible.  I wanted to help high school students who might have similar struggles that I had, so I began to work with the youth group.  I no longer had the desire to go out drinking.  My relationship with my mom changed for the better.  I no longer wanted to be out late making her worry if I was going to come home safe. God totally took my broken life and restored it to something of beauty, worth, and value.

Is there someone who needs to hear your story of redemption?  Think of a few people today that you could share your story with.  Maybe it will be a game changer in their life too.



Paul’s prayer

The apostle Paul helped to start a church in Philippi. You can read about it in Acts 16:11-40.  What you may not know is that they became Paul’s good friends and supporters for the rest of his life.  He prays four specific things for the Philippians.  

1.Love to abound in knowledge and insight – As we love and devote ourselves to God and Jesus Christ he gives wisdom and insight as we read the Word.  It’s as if he puts a lamp on it and the words are illuminated so we have a deeper understanding. 

2. Discern what is best – the only way we can do this well is to rely on the Holy Spirit.  We need His leading and guidance moment by moment.

3. Be pure and blameless – To be pure means to be “untainted by evil or innocent.”  Blameless means to be without fault.  We are only these things because of the blood of Christ that purifies us and cleanses us from our sins.  But, we can sincerely seek these things in our life as we abide in Christ.

4. Filled with the fruit of righteousness – Or you could say righteous fruits.  They come from being connected to vine, Jesus. (John 15:1-5). Our lives should spill forth righteous fruits.  They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc. (Gal. 5:22)

Out of these four prayer points, which one speaks the loudest to you?  What might the Lord be speaking to you about that prayer point?  How could you be living these out in you life on a daily basis?  My prayer for you is that you will see an abundance of lasting fruit as you lean in to knowing your Savior more. I pray too that you would learn greater dependence upon the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work in and through you.