Sweet Salvation

This is a Psalm of King David. He spent about a 10 year period of his life being chased by Saul. This caused Him to cry out, thank and praise God for His saving hand in his life. God sustained David from many threatening instances where he should have died. I was intrigued when I looked up the Hebrew word for salvation in verse 5. “Salvation means deliverance, help, victory. The primary meaning is to rescue from distress or danger.”

I’d like to share two specific times in my own life when I cried out for God’s saving hand to rescue me. The first story is from when we lived in the Philippines. There, we loved to go on mini trips and go snorkeling around different islands. One one occasion we went out as family to snorkel in a secluded area. We loved marveling over the colorful fish, starfish, and corals we would see. After a while the rest of my family went back on the sandy shore. I was left there alone to explore. This was fun for a while, but I began to get tired of swimming and was getting anxious that I was going to cut myself on the corals. Not only that, but I didn’t know how to navigate the waters to get to the shore. I cried out to the Lord because I was afraid and didn’t want to drown. He gave me the peace of mind and wisdom to know how to swim back to safety. This made me so grateful for God’s hand leading me and guiding me in my time of desperate need.

The second is my salvation story. In one week I had almost lost my license because of a speeding ticket. Then the boyfriend whom I thought was the one broke up with me and was fired from my job. This brought me to an all time low point. I can remember being in my kitchen putting dishes away as I talked to God. I told God that I had been doing life my own way and I wanted to fully surrender my life to Him. I needed rescuing from my own failures, sins, and short comings. That day I came to know God in a personal way and received the gift of eternal life found in knowing and believing in Jesus Christ.

When have you been in danger or in distress? What did you do in those situations? I would encourage you today to journal what God did for you when you were in need of saving. Praise the Lord and thank Him for the marvelous work he did in sustaining your life and remember: He has been so very good to you!


Trust In Him

Morning, there is something life giving and hopeful about a new day.  Psalm 5:3 tells, In the morning, O Lord you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.  How is it that you begin your day?  For me it’s with a cup of coffee, journal, and a bible study.  I find myself running to the Father into His arms of unfailing love.  I know he has things He wants me to know so I will be ready to face the day.  

This communicates to God my trust in Him.  Trust is the “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety.”  What are other ways we can show God that we trust Him?  Obeying His Word and stepping out in faith are two that I can think of.  How have you done these 2 things this week?  

For me, it was stepping out in faith.  I was challenged to take a cohosting role for an online conference that we are having very soon.  I didn’t say yes immediately, I wanted to pray about it and see what a God had to say.  He lead me to some verses on the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives.  How He teaches us what to say, encourages us, and gives us wisdom in what to do.  God revealed to my heart this wasn’t about what I would do but instead what the Holy Spirit would do through me.  This gave me confidence to step out in faith and say yes!  The old Christine would have said no right away, but the new Christine sought the Lord’s direction and He clearly revealed what he desired for me do.  

This week let’s entrust ourselves to our loving Father and see what incredible and faith worthy things He would have do or communicate to another.  


Unfailing Love

What do you find yourself trusting in these days?  Is it a steady paycheck, your mate, or your abilities?  I would challenge us today to consider putting our trust in God’s unfailing Love.  What is unfailing love anyway?  It’s a love that never quits, its “completely dependable, inexhaustible, and endless.”  Isn’t it amazing to think that God’s love is inexhaustible?  With us we can sometimes tire in loving others. Though God never grows tired of loving His children. His love is completely dependable too.  We can count on it everyday.  When we wake up in the morning till we go to bed at night.  Whether we’ve had a good day or bad day, His love remains the same.  Another thing that His love is, is endless.  His love has no limit or bounds.  It’s infinite!!  

Let’s look now at the second verse.  How has the Lord been good to you this week, this month or this year?  How have you actively praised him for it?  For me one way He has been so good is to give me a wonderful counselor.  A few months ago I found myself struggling with my anxiety and depression once again.  This time, I knew the Lord wanted me to be proactive in my healing process.  

One word that the Lord had been impressing on my heart is freedom.  Freedom from my fears, past hurts, and freedom to fly.  My counselor has helped me in all of these areas to find true freedom!  I’m beyond grateful because I know the Lord gave me this counselor for such a time as this.  

I’d like to ask you again, how has the Lord been good to you.  Tell God about it and praise him for all He has done.  Also tell someone else and give glory to God for his incredible goodness towards you!