Unfailing Love

What do you find yourself trusting in these days?  Is it a steady paycheck, your mate, or your abilities?  I would challenge us today to consider putting our trust in God’s unfailing Love.  What is unfailing love anyway?  It’s a love that never quits, its “completely dependable, inexhaustible, and endless.”  Isn’t it amazing to think that God’s love is inexhaustible?  With us we can sometimes tire in loving others. Though God never grows tired of loving His children. His love is completely dependable too.  We can count on it everyday.  When we wake up in the morning till we go to bed at night.  Whether we’ve had a good day or bad day, His love remains the same.  Another thing that His love is, is endless.  His love has no limit or bounds.  It’s infinite!!  

Let’s look now at the second verse.  How has the Lord been good to you this week, this month or this year?  How have you actively praised him for it?  For me one way He has been so good is to give me a wonderful counselor.  A few months ago I found myself struggling with my anxiety and depression once again.  This time, I knew the Lord wanted me to be proactive in my healing process.  

One word that the Lord had been impressing on my heart is freedom.  Freedom from my fears, past hurts, and freedom to fly.  My counselor has helped me in all of these areas to find true freedom!  I’m beyond grateful because I know the Lord gave me this counselor for such a time as this.  

I’d like to ask you again, how has the Lord been good to you.  Tell God about it and praise him for all He has done.  Also tell someone else and give glory to God for his incredible goodness towards you!

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